What is Reze?

Reze = Reset+Zero

REZE is our coined word, after REset + Zero

OUR CONCEPT: Through simple, well-balanced, and high-quality products, we strive to meet the healing and wellness needs of people today. We would like to propose a whole new lifestyle to those passionate about beauty and health

OUR MISSION: Resetting our customers’ minds and bodies by removing their exhaustion and dirt of their day, as well as restoring our customer’s skin to its original (= zero) state

OUR STANCE: We strive to create skin care products that does not harm our customers’ skin and the natural environment

In the process of developing our skin care products, we always prioritized our products to be healthy to human bodies and eco-friendly

As a company, we set SDGs as an important objective, and we continue to do our best in solving environmental issues for the entire humankind

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